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  • Input voltage range: DC 3.3V to 5V, Quality rocker, long life, stable performance
  • Two analog outputs, one digital output
  • X, y-axis output of the two potentiometers can be read out through the a to d converter
  • Cross joystick is a bi-directional 10K resistor, with the rocker in different directions, the tap resistance with the change. This module uses 5V power supply, the original state of X, Y read voltage of 2.5V or so, when pressed with the arrow direction, the read voltage value increases with the maximum to 5V; arrows in the opposite direction to press, read the voltage decreases , The minimum is 0V.
  • Directional movements are simply two potentiometers – one for each axis
  • Compatible with Arduino interface
  • The biaxial XY Joystick Module KY-023 applies ARDUINO
  • Dimensions: 1.57 in x 1.02 in x 1.26 in (4.0 cm x 2.6 cm x 3.2 cm)
  • 5 Pin
  • Colour: Black
  • Package content: 1 joystick module

Dual-Axis XY Joystick Module PS2 RC-A-040 for Arduino

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