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A continuity tester is an item of electrical test equipment used to determine if an electrical path can be established between two points that is if an electrical circuit can be made. The circuit under test is completely de-energized prior to connecting the apparatus. The tester consists of an indicator in series with a source of electrical power - normally a battery, terminating in two test leads. If a complete circuit is established between the test-leads, the indicator is activated. MX continuity Tester is a multi-purpose, handy tool to determine the continuity of a circuit, diode, electronic components like consumer appliances, wrist watches, aerials, coils etc.

Features and Specifications:-

Economical Cell Consumption

Can test Household & Industrial Equipment, Diodes, Transistors, TV Aerials, Transformers, Coils, Telephone Line, Automobile Wiring, PCB etc. for open/short

Useful at indoor and outdoor work

Very versatile & handy tool

Maximum 100O resistance can be tested | Caution: Do not use 230VAC

A multi-purpose tool

Comes with 1 Meter Wire Length

Continuity Tester with 2 Button Cell

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