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Circuit Diagram is Attached for Reference and will be supplied with the kit

Dc 3v to 6v submersible pump, Power Consumption: 0.4W To 1.5W Rate Of Flow: 80 - 120L/Hr Lift : 1.1M Max.

Adjustable Range using preset (Using Potentiometer On board) | Mounting Hole of 2.5mm diameter for Easy Mounting.

Operating Voltage : 5V DC

Kit includes:

1.  1 X IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module

2. 1 X Submersible Mini water pump DC 3V-6V 3. 1 X TIP32C PNP Bipolar Power Transistor

4. 1 X Power cable

5. 1 X 1K Ohm Resistor

6. 6 X Male to Male Jumper Wires

7. 1 X Silicone Pipe - 30cm

8. 4 X Cable Ties

Automatic Hand Sanitizer DIY Kit

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